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Research Industry Collaboration Hub (RICH) offers a platform to research organizations seeking partnering opportunities and investment to present their research and technologies to industry, researchers and investors and subsequently conduct business meetings for possible collaborations.
Delegates participating in RICH will be offered an excellent opportunity to make Podium Presentations and Meeting utilities which can be efficiently used by them to reach their target audience.

Podium Presentations

Each presenter will get a 10-minute podium presentation slot to introduce the organisation, business idea, highlight key technologies and research endeavors and spell out expectations.

Meeting Rooms (One-On-One Meetings)

Each presenter will then be offered facilities for One-On-One Meetings following their presentations. Each presenter will be offered a dedicated Meeting table to hold one to one business meetings with the interested parties to explore partnerships, collaborations and alliances for mutual benefit.

Budding entrepreneurs with novel business ideas are welcome to register and explore partnering opportunities with research organizations and investor community.

For more details, please contact

Ms. Monika
Coordinator – RICH programme