RICH Presenters' Profiles
Day 2 - Thursday, 9th December 2010
Research Industry Collaboration Hub (RICH)
Mr. G. Rajendra Kumar Reddy
Title of Presentation: Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles loaded with deterrent for the management of sucking pests in agricultural crops
Profile: National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects (NBAII) (formerly PDBC established in 1993). The agricultural insect resources from various agroclimatic zones the following thrust areas have been proposed under the Bureauís programme. Exploration, identification, characterization, conservation and utilization of biodiversity of beneficial insect resources. National and international exchange of beneficial insects. Development of digitized inventories, information storage and retrieval systems on insect resources. Consultancy and human resource development for exploitation of insect resources. Variations in pest populations from geographical locations and their parasitoids identified through molecular approaches. Parasitoids for abiotic stress and enhanced biological attributes developed. Utility of effective symbionts and toxins produced in insect cell line cultures and cloned products of biopesticides with increased virulence and persistence. Establishment of repository for insect derived beneficial bacteria and testing for crop use. Exploitation of acarine microbial associates. Insect symbiosis for pest and disease management in crop plants.