Speakers' Profile
Day 2 - Thursday, 9th December 2010
Nano Medicine
Prof. Avinash Pandey
Professor & Head, Nanotechnology Application Centre
University of Allahabad
Profile: Prof. Avinash C Pandey MSc (Physics, Mathematics), MTech(Computer Science), DPhil, Associate (ICTP), Professor & Head, Nanotechnology Application Centre, University of Allahabad and Principal Investigator in externally funded projects worth multi crore at Nanotechnology Application Centre. Prof Pandey has been involved with industrial research for over 10 years. Over the years, he has been involved in the research and development of opto-electronics including LEDs, medical research, electronic materials, optical recording, displays and nanotechnology. In 2004 he established Nanophosphor Application Center to develop applications of Nanophosphors and other Nanomaterials in the field of lighting, imaging and displays. Through his pioneering work on quantum confined atom based nanomaterials, he has been successful in modifying properties of a single atom by caging it in 2 nm nanocrystal. This is expected to impact next generation nanomaterials like nanophosphors, nanomagnets and their applications.