Speakers' Profile
Day 1 - Wednesday, 8th December 2010
Business Opportunities in Nanotechnology:
Dr. Henning Zoz
Zoz Group, Germany
Profile: He formed the core company Zoz GmbH in the past 2 decades from a small machine-shop to the today’s leading manufacturer of processing equipment for Mechanical Alloying, High Energy - and Reactive Milling. In 2000 he started to move the company into specialty powder production and later also into small scale special PM-parts- and coatings manufacturing, all based on nanostructured materials. In 2005, he started to manufacture paint based on HEM-ductile metal flakes and later since 2007, he additionally moved into travel industry, started global catamaran sailing operations and a painting company. Zoz Sailing holds about 35 boats today and is using high performance rudder blades made by Zoz GmbH. In 2009 he started Zoz Mobility as another group member and as a company focussing on electric and hybrid vehicles with the mid-term goal of installing high performance Lithium-Ion batteries (2nd generation) and the long-term goal of moving into LT-fuel-cell-drives charged by RT-solid state H2-storage tanks made by Zoz GmbH.

Zoz has over many years been involved in Research Projects in Materials Science and Process Engineering being responsible for a number of acknowledged inventions (CMB-materials, cycle operation, NdFeB-magnetic filter system, Zentallium®, Hydrolium® and other). He holds a number of patents and trademarks, published more than 50 papers and has been teaching at numerous universities and institutes all over the world.

Since 2004 he is an invited professor at CIITEC-IPN where he also earned his Doctoral Degree in Advanced Technology at summa cum laude. Since 2009 he is a Chair Professor and since 2008 a member of the Implementation and Assessment Committee for the Overseas Education Program at Ritsumeikan University.

His present top research interest is in High Performance Cements by refinement and activation, in strengthened aluminum compounds in particular for high-end bicycles and electric vehicles, in solid state hydrogen storage materials as well as in technical wood-plastic composite materials. In process engineering he is focusing since years on the semi-continuous processing route for mechanical alloying using his aerodynamic model of insitu separation and classification.

For 2010/11 he wants to bring Zentallium®, a new nanostructured Al-CNT composite material, being launched at NanoTech 2009 in Tokyo, slightly lighter than aluminum and as strong as steel into commercial application by hot extruded and pressed/sintered and injection molded parts formed to semi finished products, fasteners, chain wheels etc. In May 2010 he introduced commercial metal-hydride H2-tanks (H2Tank2Go®) at WorldH2 and for 2012 he plans to bring the first economic H2-driven electric vehicle (Isogo® H2.1 / Zoz Mobility) on the streets of his hometown Siegen/Germany which shall also include a small H2-gas/fuel-station.

Zoz is the first non-Korean member of the Korean Powder Metallurgy Institute, a member of the Metal Powder Industries Federation, the German Powder Metallurgy Association, the German Ceramic Society, the German Enamel Association, the Powder Metallurgy Committee of the Chinese Society of Metals, the Powder Metallurgy Association of India as well as a member of the center of excellence in fuel-cells NRW. Zoz is one of the founders and main organizers of the German-Japanese Symposium on Nanostructures and a member of a number of program/advisory committees all over the world. Recently in 2010 he became a board member of M-E-NES which is the operating association of the demonstration city for electro-mobility Bad Neustadt/Saale in the state of Bavaria which shall impact H2-electro-mobility there, too.

Zoz is 46 years old and together with his unbelievable wife received baby no. 7 in March 2009.