Speakers' Profile
Day 2 - Thursday, 9th December 2010
Dr. Amit Biswas
Head, Technology Services & Emerging Technologies
Research Technology Group, Reliance Industries Ltd.
Profile: Dr. Amit Biswas has twenty two years of global industrial experience in basic research, process / product R&D and management. Following his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. from IIT-Bombay, Dr. Biswas received his Masters and Ph.D in Polymer Science from Case Western Reserve University, USA. His professional career started with Dupont R&D in the US, followed by R&D management experience with ICI and GE in India, before he joined Reliance Industries Ltd.

As head of the Emerging Technologies within Reliance Technology Group, Dr. Biswas has been actively engaged in the Nanotechnology initiative within Reliance, including interactions with global research institutions and experts. He is a member of the Advisory Council at IIT-Bombay, the Industrial Research & Development Board at IIT-Delhi and the Research Councils at NCL, Pune and IICT, Hyderabad.