Speakers' Profile
Day 2 - Thursday, 9th December 2010
'Nano for Young' Programme
Prof. Ajay Sood
Professor, Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
Profile: A.K. Sood is a Professor in Department of Physics at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He was Chairman of Division of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at IISc from 1999 till March 2008. His research interests include Physics of Nano systems like nanotubes and graphene and physics of soft condensed matter. He has published more than 268 papers in refereed international journals and holds 2 US patents and 4 Indian patents. The patent on gas flow induced voltage generation on semiconductors and nanotubes, an effect popularly known as Sood Effect has been licensed to a company. His work has been recognized by way of many honors and awards. These include Fellowships of Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Science Academy, The National Academy of Sciences, India and The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). He is recipient of many awards which include S.S. Bhatnagar Prize, G.D. Birla Award, TWAS Prize in Physics, FICCI Prize, Goyal Prize, M.N. Saha Award and Millennium Gold Medal of Indian Science Congress, Sir C.V. Raman Award of UGC, Homi Bhabha Medal of Indian National Science Academy, DAE Raja Ramanna Award of JNCASR, National Award in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology by Government of India and Vigyan Ratan Award of Punjab University. He is one of the Executive Editors of an International journal, ‘Solid State Communications’. He is Vice President of Indian National Science Academy and is currently holding the prestigious Bhatnagar Fellowship of CSIR. He is President of Indian Academy of Science since January 2010.